Vision of the future


Recently, I have had an opportunity to attend the Dar Al-Hekma Toastmaster’s annual event in Jeddah –Saudi Arabia.8 speakers were selected from all over Jeddah. Each of the 8 speakers was unique in their own ideas. They represented Jeddah Youthista; a platform for young women in Jeddah. It was an event which gave young minds the opportunity to voice their ideas.

Speaker Mehvish Irshad gave an astounding speech on the importance of breaking boundaries and accepting diversity. Zainab Mulji’s speech on ‘’Not by choice” made each one of us in the auditorium ask ourselves on how can we accept child labour? While Bayan Hussein, a student at Dar Al-Hekma College –Jeddah presented an interesting speech on ‘What happiness really is?’

Speaker Hanan Ashgar a psychology graduate, Marlyn George, a 16 year old Indian school student gave us the answer to the million dollar question -SUCCESS. While, Suaad Khan was successful in conveying us the meaning and reasons of ‘Glossophobia’ and how to overcome it. Speaker Firdous khan is an inspiring young educator from Bangladesh International school; she gave a speech on leadership and personality development through her speech entitled ‘Voices Why? When?’

Maliha Aftab filled the auditorium with her palette and made us realize that it’s okay to make a mistake but one must pursue what one’s heart desires.

If all of us as a global society join hands for these noble causes, this world would be a better place for us and for our coming generations. Morals and social values wouldn’t suffer; people wouldn’t take advantage of good people and exploit the innocent.

All 8 presenters are a gem to the society and have a bright future ahead.

The evening ended with each presenter taking home mementos and certificate while the attendees also took home their certificate of attendance.



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