Habits Of Good Students

The list below offers actions students can take to more effectively learn English and become “good” language learners.  It’s also important to note that not every student needs to display every point. If a student displayed or pursued a majority of these ideas, then we can still consider him/ her a good language learner.

In no particular order, good language learners:

1: Are independent learners who take active control of their learning.

2: Aren’t inhibited (or at least try to be less inhibited) when using the language.

3: Develop a feel for the language through practice and risk taking. They experiment with grammar and vocabulary, and fit these pieces together much like a jigsaw puzzle.

4: Find and/or make opportunities to practice the language, both inside and outside the classroom.

5: Make intelligent guesses. In addition, when wrong, they seek out the reason for their mistakes (either immediately or later).

6: Monitor their speaking, as well as the speaking of others. This can take the form of close listening to TV programs, movies, conversations with native speakers, etc.

7: Try to reproduce or utilize the phrases, grammar, and/or vocabulary picked up in the previous point.

8: Analyze the phrases, grammar, and/or vocabulary picked up in the sixth point.

9: Learn how to participate and maintain a conversation, rather than react to a conversation.

10: Learn different styles of speaking and writing according to the formality and the content of the situation.

11: Use mnemonics and other systems/strategies to improve retention.

12: Regularly assess their speaking and mistakes.

13: Revisit notes and classroom information to remember, retain, and better use new material.



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