What Good Readers Do


Good Readers enjoy reading! They have favorite books, authors, and genres. Good readers often have a preference about where and when they read. They talk about books and recommend their favorites.

Good Readers select books they can read.

Good Readers read independently for longer periods of time.

Good Readers use text features to help them preview and set purposes.

Good Readers predict and ask questions before and while they read.

Good Readers read meaningful phrases aloud with appropriate expression.

Good Readers read aloud at an appropriate reading rate with a high percent of accuracy.

Good Readers use effective strategies and sources of information to figure out unknown words.

Good Readers locate and use what is explicitly stated in a text.

Good readers make connections.

Good Readers interpret what they read by making inferences.

Good Readers determine importance and evaluate what they read.

Good Readers support their responses using information from a text and/ or their own background knowledge.


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