Sauna; its pleasures

Saunas and sweat lodges have been used for thousands of years all around the world.

When you’re in a sauna, blood floods to the surface of your body, pores open, and eventually sweat gets pushed out.

The idea is to bolster the ability of your pores to not just open, but close effectively as well. This will boost your circulation and enhance your immune system so it can practice its defenses.

When you sit in the sauna, brush, lightly scratch, or tap the skin on your arms, legs, belly, and back. This will stimulate your pores to open more while you’re in the sauna, and boost the circulation at the surface of your body.

Soon you’ll start sweating, and with all the blood at the surface of your body toxins will come flowing out.

Once you’ve started sweating, you can stay in the sauna as long as you feel comfortable.

Immediately after you leave the sauna you have to immerse yourself in cold water!

This will close your pores back up, pull the blood back to your core organs, and reinforce your natural defenses.


If you ever feel dizzy, or have heart palpitations, please leave the sauna immediately!

According to Chinese medicine sweat is associated with blood. S, it would be best to avoid inducing a sweat during menstruation, as you are already losing a lot of blood during that week.

Below are some advantages s of using a sauna:

Sauna Benefits

  1. Detoxification

2. Improving Circulation

3. Stronger Immune System

4. Weight Loss

5. Stress Relief

6. Better Sleep

7. Pain Relief

8. Skin Cleansing

9. Feeling Revitalized

10. Social Interaction

  1. Helps you stay young



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