In your loving memory …


Jeddah – Riyadh – Hyderabad

The Prince Osman Ali Khan Memorial Foundation is created in 2016 by Sahebzadi Jamila Unnisa and Sahebzadi Nusrath Unnisa in memory of their late father, Mir Osman Ali Khan, a Hyderabadi aristocrat , architect and businessman based in Saudi Arabia.

He was the people’s ‘Prince’ , called affectionately by his friends and social circle because of his kind and humble nature.

The foundation prefers to award grants for operating support, but it also accepts funding to facilitate improvements in Jeddah , Riyadh and Hyderabad.

The foundation prefers to focus its giving on empowering disadvantaged people and is particularly interested in funding organizations that are addressing the following issues:

  • Clothes on festivals to the less fortunate
  • Sponsoring a girl child to complete religious studies
  • Free medical care
  • Monetary help to senior aging citizens
  • Providing drinking water in places of worship
  • Iftar meals in Ramadan
  • Water for fasting  people in places of worship
  • Sweets for children on special festival

For more information on how you can contribute whatsapp us at +966 59 419 5065


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