The Architect ‘Prince’ By Jamy Khan

Tribute to  my dear father on his 1st Death Anniversary. You are missed tremendously.

The handsome prince she had married …..

Who remained handsome even in his death …. Subhan Allah


Coming from an aristocratic family of Arab roots, Mir Osman Ali Khan grew up disciplined, with high moral values, etiquettes, education, and sportsmanship. The architect raised his daughters in the same way.


IMG_6711   During his school and University days, he was a talented cricketer, Six feet 12 in height he went school and played with Former Captain Azharuddin but chose to study Architecture and travel to Saudia rather than joining Indian cricket team. Khan was also a great fan of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and loved the wrestler Mohammed Ali.


Khan’s father, Mir Hussein Ali Khan Bahadur was his role model. A noble man himself an accomplished lawyer, wealthy landlord and a successful poet who recited with Prince Moazam Jah of Deccan. Khan admired his maternal grandmother she was an heiress and influenced his taste in arts and antiquities.

After graduating he migrated from a very modern but economically struggling Hyderabad in the mid-70s with his siblings to a completely new booming Saudi Arabia to pursue his career and leave a mark in this world. Within five years he and his family settled and went on to be famously called ‘The Mazda Family’; because all the 3 brothers were in the same business and had the latest Mazda model cars.

Today one can see his projects all over the kingdom as a symbol of his dedication and love for his new country. Mir Osman Ali Khan’s career has seen one of the greatest and prestigious projects of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Architect started his career with his friend Engr. Hassan Omar Assad, and designed many buildings, flats and mosques and schools in Jeddah. Villas in Durrat Al Arus and King Abdullah Economic City, Jeddah and the University in KAUST .

When most of Khan’s friends opt to leave the country during the 1992 Gulf War, he and his family stayed in the Kingdom witnessed it.

As the economy boomed his portfolio included The Saudi German Medical Tower, Jeddah and Abha; Saudi businessman centre, Jeddah; He got certified from the Saudi Ministry of Health and went on to head projects like Umul Qura Teaching Hospital in Makkah; such was his devotion to development that he travelled to Rafha and Turaif to undertake the construction and supervision of the 400 bed government hospitals.

Every time a new project, a new city Khan and his family kept moving and experienced each and every corner of Saudi Arabia.Living three years in Madina, he supervised the King Abdullah Endowment Project that included the King’s personal floor and the Anwar Al-Madina Movenpick Hotel, located in front of the Masjid Al Nabawi.Khan was able to live and experience the real ‘taqwa’ and the holiness and hospitality of the city of the Prophet. He and his family became extremely close to the city and the mosque.

In 1999, on the occasion of the Kingdom’s centenary celebration, Khan celebrated this historical event in his own style. He held an Art and photo exhibition of his daughters. The great event was held at the Saudi German Hospital Tower and was inaugurated by the Honorary President of the Shoura Council, Dr Abdullah Omer Naseef. The 20 paintings reflected on Saudi culture and architecture and were entitled ‘Saudi Arabia Past and Present’. The photographs on display were from his private collection, depicting the historical collaboration of Hyderabad Deccan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He extremely connected to this country and what was happening in his surroundings. Khan liked being well-informed of the current affairs.

Prince’ he was affectionately addressed by his friends and associates due to his privileged background and very humble nature. Mir Osman always believed that the more riches one possess, the more humble you should be with Allah’s creation.

Mir Osman Ali Khan passed away peacefully on the 22nd of August ‘2016 and is buried in Riyadh, after devoting more than three decades of his life to his passion of building. The architect was heading the one and only prestigious project -The Dallah Medical Complex in Riyadh.

Mir Osman Ali Khan is one of the last people who had actually lived in two eras, 1950 to this day, the world has gone through enormous transitions both economically, and culturally. He survived to see four kings of Saudi Arabia; attended the funeral of the last Nizam of Hyderabad; the fall of USSR, and witnessed the Bosnian war, survived the Gulf War, and the historical introduction of Euro currency in Europe just to name a few main events of this century.

He is survived by his wife and two daughters Sahebzadi Jamila Mir Osman and Sahebzadi Nusrath Mir Osman Ali Khan. Both his daughters studied in London and are active educators in the Kingdom. His eldest daughter has a passion for art and writing.

Always a doting father, he raised his two daughters in the best manner and completely neutralised them in the Saudi culture and etiquettes by being their teacher, mentor in life and now he has become their inspiration. Khan’s daughters have dedicated a memorial foundation in his honour and doing charity work to continue what their father had started in his last days. Mir Osman Ali Khan was in the process of drafting his memoir when he passed away. His eldest daughter plans to release a biography of her father soon.


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