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Jeddah – Riyadh – Hyderabad

The Prince Osman Ali Khan Memorial Foundation is created in 2016 by Sahebzadi Jamila Unnisa and Sahebzadi Nusrath Unnisa in memory of their late father, Mir Osman Ali Khan, a Hyderabadi aristocrat , architect and businessman based in Saudi Arabia.

He was the people’s ‘Prince’ , called affectionately by his friends and social circle because of his kind and humble nature.

The foundation prefers to award grants for operating support, but it also accepts funding to facilitate improvements in Jeddah , Riyadh and Hyderabad.

The foundation prefers to focus its giving on empowering disadvantaged people and is particularly interested in funding organizations that are addressing the following issues:

  • Clothes on festivals to the less fortunate
  • Sponsoring a girl child to complete religious studies
  • Free medical care
  • Monetary help to senior aging citizens
  • Providing drinking water in places of worship
  • Iftar meals in Ramadan
  • Water for fasting  people in places of worship
  • Sweets for children on special festival

For more information on how you can contribute whatsapp us at +966 59 419 5065

The Mystical English King of Hyderabad

6th nizam

                                     Today, 17 August 2016 is  Mir Mahboob Ali Khan  Siddiqi’s 150th birth anniversary.It has been celebrated by The Deccan Heritage Trust in collaboration with the Chowmohalla Palace in Haidarabd and sponsored by Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, Himayath Nagar and Dr. V.R.K Women’s Medical College.

So who was  Mir Mahboob Ali Khan  Siddiqi and why is he being celebrated ? Lets read about his life.

 Mir Mahboob Ali Khan  Siddiqi Bayafandi Soharwardi was born on 17 August 1866 at Purani Haveli in Hyderabad State as Asaf Jah VI . He was the only son of Afzal ad-Dawlah, Asaf Jah V.

When his father died he was two years and seven months old, and thus became the 6th Nizam of the Asaf Jahi dynasty in 1869. He was installed as Nizam by Mir Turab Ali Khan, Salar Jung I, Nawab Rasheed-ed-deen Khan Shams-ul-Umra III who functioned as the Regent. Shams-ul-Umra III died on 12 December 1881 and Salar Jung I became the sole regent. He was retained as administrator and regent until his death on 8 February 1883.[1] Special attention was paid to the education of Mahbub Ali Khan who was tutored by the English.Besides being educated in Arabic, Persian and Urdu , he became excelled in shooting, cricket, tent-pegging, riding and poetry writing.

Asaf Jah VI was a respected ruler and was popularly known as Mahbub Ali Pasha.As his name implies ‘Mahbuub’ in Arabic means beloved he was for his people. It is known that he used to disguise himself and go about the city and mix with people as ordinary man to know first-hand information about his subjects.

Thus, was famous for his generosity, kindness and saintly character.

Asaf Jah VI was well known for his lavish lifestyle and luxuries and had an enormous fascination for clothes and cars. His collection of garments was one of the most extensive in the world at the time, with sherwanis, shirts, coats, collars, socks, shoes, headgear, walking sticks, perfumes – not one each, but dozens of almost each item. He devoted a whole wing of his palace to his wardrobe and would never wear the same dress twice. He bought the Jacob Diamond, which stands out among the Jewels of The Nizams.

In the  book “Tulasī kī sāhitya-sādhanā: The Legacy of the Nizams” by Lallana Rāya, published by the H.E.H The Nizam’s Urdu Trust Hyderabad it states that the King Mir Mahbub Ali Khan was also known to be a possessor of supernatural mystical healing powers. Lallana Rāya writes under the heading He was a conjure for snake bite: “Mir Mahboob Ali Khan was known to possess healing power for snake bite. With his spell, it is said that the venom of the snake would abate. It was his order that if anyone from the public had a snake bite, he could approach him. It happened a number of times when he was awakened from his sleep. It is said that Nawab Muneer Uddin Khan Taluqdar who knew this spell taught the mantra to Mir Mahboob Ali Khan. When a man suffered from a snake bite, the name of the Mahboob Ali had to be mentioned in these terms: “Mahboob Ali Pasha Ki Dohaee”. Then the venom would not spread further or  the venom of the snake would abate. Hence the name of Mahboob Ali Pasha and the practice of spell of snake bite became famous throughout Hyderabad”.

Some accomplishments during the rule of Nizam VIth

1.He revised the system of revenue settlement for the peasantry

2.New irrigation works were constructed

3.Railway industry and crafts industry developed

4.Education was developed both for men and women by opening Hyderabad College.

5.New mahbubiya rupee coins were introduced in 1904.

6.Each state department was modernised on par with British India transforming Hyderabad from medievalism to modern State.


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Celebrate Friendship Day !

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief. – Marcus Tullius Cicero


Friendship is a beautiful feeling granted by the creator to its creation.It is magic that adds miracles to our lives.

Friendship is when you go see your friend with a box of sweets , a flower or just a card.It is friendship when you celebrate his/her birthday.

Friendship is another name for respect, responsibility or love.It does not see religion; age; colour, race or even gender.It is a feeling that very fortunate people experience.

Friendship is ever-green and ageless.

Everyone out there, celebrate the bond of friendship today and remember the extraordinary people in our lives we call friends.

Take one minute to email, twitter, SMS, or WhatsApp a greeting card;go meet them or send flowers to your friend.

H A P P Y                FR I E N D S H I P            D A Y            E V E R Y O N E !

Please comment below on how you celebrated this day?



My Stay at the Palace

I landed on the dusty Cairo International airport in the spring of 10 th of April, excited to be received by my dear father who was standing at the immigrations.The calmness on his face gave me an impression that he actually is the native of this place.

I’ve always loved Egypt, its a place after my own heart.I could distinctly see how worn-out the place was, quite but not strange to me.Showed my passport to the officer who found it difficult to believe that I was not an Egyptian National.

Next, I showed my passport to the officer who found it difficult to believe that I was not an Egyptian National.

Accompanied by my dad, we sat in the Chauffeur driven car and headed to the  Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino in the posh district of  Zamalek.It was a 30 minutes ride.

Egypt has been through a lot of political turmoil recently and it was evident from the all the buildings and monuments we passed.seeing the police stationed gave me the creeps.

As my Mercedes-Benz entered the gate , I was transformed to another era.Amazing architecture and beauty surpassing anything like it in the city of Cairo.And the history is equally spectacular.


I felt home, checked into the best room in the hotel and the rest is history.The ambience the food and above all the hospitality is impeccable.

The ambience the food and above all the hospitality is impeccable and the historical story behind the place itself made me feel that I am indeed blessed to be a part of it.

morning from my balcony Cairo Mariott

A view from my window of the famous Cairo Tower or’BURG QAHIRA’

History of the Palace

Built by Khedive Ismail as a guest palace for the Suez Canal inauguration celebrations in 1869, the historic Palace Al Gezirah in Cairo, Egypt, has housed European monarchs, including Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. It was to be the venue of the first performance of Verdi’s Opera Aida.


I come from an architecturally obsessed family , so cannot help to talk about the hotel’s architecture.

The architecture and construction of the ancient palace reflected Khedive’s passion for neoclassical style, as popularized in Europe. He engaged the services of Austrian Architect Julius Franz , who also designed the Abdin Palace.

German architect Carl von Diebitsch was contracted as the palace’s interior designer. He designed the décor and prefabricated the furniture, draperies, and other internal fittings.And the palace still maintains its glory.

The palace has hosted several historic ceremonies throughout the years, including the wedding of Khedive Ismail’s son, which lasted 40 days.

It was confiscated by the state due to outstanding debts, acquired by the Egyptian Hotels Company.In 1919, the hotel was sold to Habib Lotfallah, a Syrian landlord who had settled in Cairo. In 1961, during the time of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the palace was nationalized and became the Omar Khayyam Hotel.



Interior of Gezirah Palace

In the 1970s, the property was handed over to Marriott International for management. They restored the original palace, furnishing it with amenities befitting a five-star hotel .

Today, the palace is all that remains of the estate. Many of its rooms and furniture have been preserved and restored to their historic splendor, and now serve as reception rooms and lounges. Many of the decorative elements that can be seen in several locations throughout the hotel.IMG_0507